Why Millennial Taste Buds?

One of the reasons it took me time to start this blog was because I couldn’t figure out the name. It needed to allow me to write about what I wanted to write about rather than restrict me.

As much as I wanted to talk to grand-moms and get recipes from them, I also want to experiment with 5 minute foods. As much as I wanted to experience the different spices, I also want to talk about drinks.

I’ve been feeling that todays kids know pasta, pizza and burgers but do they know Uzhunnu Vada or Dabeli. I didn’t want the food and cooking to be only about the past but also about the present!

I want this blog to take a life of its own. No direction just one post at a time!

I thought of instinctivecooking.com and easttowest.com and couldn’t decide what this blog should beĀ  named or what in particular it should be about.

A dear friend finally suggested Millennial Taste Buds and very sweetly told me that I was too old to be of the Millennial Generation sometimes known ad Generation Y, but atleast my food and cooking could reflect how young I felt!

Well Millennial Taste Buds it is!

Ok Ok… promise the next post will be about food or cooking! Enough of the build up to Millennial Taste Buds!

P.S: Do leave a comment! Would love to hear from you!

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